CBD Products


  • EXTREME ABSORPTION-1500 MG of CBD in 1 oz 
  • This topical uses a premium transdermal cream for absorbing deeper then a typical topical. It’s odorless and leaves nothing behind that’s greasy 
  • 1500 MG of CBD in 1 oz WOW! Other topicals have 150-400 mg.  If you find anything stronger than Extreme Absorption-show me

CBD Oils/Tinctures

Organic, non-GMO, and 3rd party batch tested to ensure premium quality. 

•Natural and Flavored 

•CBN for Sleep,

•CBG and CBD for relief.


CBD Gummies     

•Sleep-10 mg CBD and Melatonin   

Calm-10 mg CBD, Lemon Balm, L-Theanine                              •Recovery-10 mg CBD, Turmeric, Ginger

50 mg Sweet Fish-Assorted Flavors


Trokie CBD lozenges.            0% THC.   

Available in Original Citris Flavor, and with Melatonin.


For Pets

•Bacon Flavored Tincture

•Chews for Calm, Mobility, Wellness

•Poultry flavored and Peanut Butter


Bath Bombs

  • 100 mg of CBD, essential oil, and castor oil in each bath bomb




Vitamins and Supplements

Whole food, organic, non-GMO, and glueten free vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements from New Chapter. Vitamins are fermented with probiotics for increased absorption. 

Herbal blends use superpcritical extraction and combine many of natures powerhouses, including, Omega Fatty Acids, Probiotics, Turmeric, Ginger, Mushrooms, and many many more. 


Healthy Choices

•Olive Oil


•Hemp Seed

•Maple Syrup-100% Natural


•Always something new


Teas with CBD 

Choose from many flavors


Vape Cartridges

  • We carry THC-free vape cartridges with various flavors
  • Delta 8 available



  • Prerolls and flower sold in various amounts 

Always something new!

Some items are avialble in the store only.