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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Top Choice 2 years in a row


Welcome to The Village CBD & Wellness Shoppe!

Our mission, since we began selling CBD in 2018, has always been to help you feel better-Naturally.

With that as the central goal, we also brought prices down to where we are as price competitive as anyone-and we always have free shipping and delivery.

As powerful as CBD may be, it is still only a piece of the feel-good puzzle. That’s why we have added high performance vitamins and herbal supplements from New Chapter that are formulated for maximum absorption.  All our supplements are whole food and contain no fillers. Choose from Multi’s, Turmeric, Fish Oil with 17 Omegas, Probiotics, and many more.

Feeling better requires more effort than ever. Our bodies don’t perform and repair the same way it did when we were 20 years old. The double whammy is we are living in a very challenging time which has taken a physical, mental, and/or emotional toll on us, affecting the way we feel and consequently how much we enjoy life. 

We need to be proactive with our health and wellness if we are going to enjoy life to its fullest.  We want to help you with that.

Let me know if you have any questions. If you are ready to order you can do it here and we will deliver-no charge. 

We look forward to helping you feel better Naturally!

Enjoy your day!

Dave Bruno